Update on Islamia Primary School.

(Brent Council) In April 2016  the Yusuf Islam Foundation (the Trust) informed the governors of Islamia Voluntary Aided 2FE Primary school and the Council that they do not see the development of the planned new build school on the Salusbury Road site as consistent with their ambition to develop the Trust’s independent secondary schools. The market rent which the Foundation was seeking from its Islamia Primary School as recompense for providing the additional land would have been unaffordable for Islamia Primary School and would have quickly led the school into financial difficulty.

·         The Trustees also informed  the board of governors and the Council that they remained committed to honouring an original agreement which allows for a 1FE maintained Voluntary Aided primary school to operate on its Salusbury Road site.

·         Governors sought advice from the Council on the timetable and process for a reduction to 1FE. They were advised that consultation will need to take place in the Autumn Term 2016 for a reduction to 1FE to take effect from September 2018. The Council has not received any confirmation from the school or the Trust that they intend to consult on a reduction to 1FE next term. The decision to reduce to 1FE would be made by the board of governors not the Council.

·         There has been no formal request for the Council to secure alternative premises for this voluntary aided school. There are currently no suitable sites available

·         Officers have informed the Trust that these actions give us cause for concern and that we will be seeking legal advice. We have done so and have also asked the Trust to provide the requisite legal documentation in relation to their oversight of Islamia Voluntary Aided Primary School. To date this has not been forthcoming. We will now be seeking to meet with the Chair of the Trust and the Chair of the Governing Body.  We will update members following these meetings.

·         The current use of Winkworth Hall by Islamia Primary School to accommodate 2FE will therefore need to continue beyond 2018.