Remembering Jo Cox MP

Jo Cox

We’re all still coming to terms with the tragic death of Jo Cox this week. I’ve been lucky enough to have met Jo and her husband and my thoughts are with him and their children at this awful time. I think Jonathan Freedland said it well when he wrote that “if you inject enough poison into the political bloodstream, eventually somebody will get sick”.

In my six years of experience as a local Councillor I’ve seen members from all parties work hard to represent and improve their communities. Yet I’ve also seen terrible abuse at public meetings or on social media. Increasingly you feel that ‘politics’ is a negative term and something to be avoided when in fact our democratic ‘political’ system allows us to freely debate and discuss the organisation of life in this country through legitimate elected representatives that we can replace.

Politicians may not always get it right and are as guilty as anyone to human fallibilities but to have them inaccessible and hidden due to security demands will be further tragedy. Meanwhile we should all look to continue Jo’s legacy and in particular her campaign for Britain to accept more unaccompanied child refugees